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Somerset Masters Swimming Club

Somerset Masters

You don’t have to be a ‘gun’ swimmer to join the Somerset Seahorses. However, Somerset is not a learn-to-swim club. We are a club that caters for people who can already swim, and provide an environment in which they can improve this skill, and maintain/develop fitness in an enjoyable manner (fun and friendship).

Anyone 18 years or older with an interest in swimming for fitness and fun is welcome to come along and join.

Age is no barrier. Swimming is one of the few sports you can actively participate in throughout life. We have members from 18 years of age into their 90s.


Somerset Facebook

Somerset Masters is a Healthy Club.  We promote a smoke and drug free environment, adequate protection from the sun, a safe environment in which to participate in activities and healthy diets.



Somerset AGM and Christmas Party 2018

The Club held it's AGM and it's Christmas Party in December.  To read about these two events, click here.


E1000 (Endurance Swimming) 2018-End of November Update

The E1000 Endurance Swimming update is in!

Total points at the end of November is 6811.

This means we now have 1321 more points than we did at this time last year.

Yvette (838pts) still leads the Females, but is now only 3pts ahead of Pauline (What a contest!!)

Jeremy (945pts) leads the Males.

Full report can be found here…

For more information on this award see the ‘E1000' (Endurance Swimming) tab on the left, under the Main Menu.



Mandurah Carnival

The Mandurah Swimming Carnival was held on 25 March.  Read how Somerset went and view some pictures here.


Murray's Port to Pub

Check out the link below to see Murray's latest Rottnest Channel swim exploits entitled, "How to get to Rottnest without buying a ferry ticket!"

Murray's Port to Pub Report


Club Records Updated!

Club records have now been updated.

See menu item located on the left of page or directly from here...


Other carnivals attended by Somerset in 2018

Somerset attended the Mandurah, Melville, Stadium and Fremantle Carnivals during the year.  To read about the latter three carnivals and to see pictures, click here.


Club Champion Award 2018

The Club Champion Award is progressing nicely with the usual culprits again leading the way.

The current female leader is Jeannie (41pts) with Pauline (34pts) following closely behind.

In the male category it’s even closer between Jeremy (34pts) and Alan (30pts).

Please note that any state record points will not be added until after the last carnival.

For a full list of combatants see the attached link…



Endurance 1000 Results and Peter Riddle

Peter Riddle completed 10 years as the Endurance Swims Recorder when he presented the Club with our results for 2017.  Read about how we went here.


Rottnest Channel Swim 2018 and Endurance1000 Top Point Scorers 2017

A very pleasant dinner was held at the Balmoral Hotel after training on Thursday, 22 February.  The occasion was to support Somerset members swimming in the Rottnest Channel Swim on Saturday, 24 February, and to present trophies to Somerset's top male and female point scorers in Endurance1000 2017.  To read more about these matters and to see results for the 2018 Rottnest Channel swim, check here.


Club Champion Awards 2017

The 2017 Club Champions were announced at the club Christmas Party / Awards Presentations Day.

Female Champion: Jeannie Johnson

Male Champion: Jeremy Allen

For full results click here...